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Smoking is the leading actual "cause of death" in the U.S.; and these deaths are preventable. Science-based programs to help individuals stop smoking are important interventions for public health and the healthcare delivery community. The Cooper/Clayton Method is being implemented by every health department and the Kentucky Cancer Program throughout the state. As the former Director of Cancer Control in Kentucky, it is apparent to me that the Cooper/Clayton program is the most popular and respected cancer control initiative in Kentucky.

Stephen W. Wyatt, DMD, MPH
Dean, College of Public Health
University of Kentucky

3 Questions EVERY smoker needs to ask

1. Do you remember why you started smoking?
2. Do the reasons you started smoking still exist?
3. Have you ever considered you might be better off as a nonsmoker?


Name Email Address
  Dr. Richard Clayton clayton@uky.edu
  Dr. Thomas Cooper tmcdds@twc.com

4117 Heartwood Road
Lexington, KY 40515-1842


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